Why do you produce an annual report?

Our annual report gives staff, stakeholders and the general public a comprehensive review of the past year. Included in the annual report is information on:

  • Our services and the quality of care we provide

  • Patients' experience of the Trust

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Performance against key targets

  • Quality governance (how we ensure quality of care)

  • Financial accounts.

What happens to your annual report?

Our annual report is checked by external auditors. It is then laid before parliament each year and presented to NHS Improvement, the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts. 

The annual report is then presented at our Annual Members Meeting (AMM) - a meeting to which all our Trust members are invited, along with members of the public.

How can I read your annual report?

View our latest annual report and quality report.

Previous years' annual reports and quality reports (the section of our annual report focusing on the quality of care we provide) can be viewed by clicking on the links in the tables below.

Auditor's Annual Report

From 2020-21 onwards, the National Audit Office requires audited bodies to publish the Auditor’s Annual Report on their website. Our Auditor's Annual Report summarises the work undertaken by our auditor on our behalf during the year.

View the latest Auditor's Annual Report.

Quality report archive

Derbyshire Healthcare's quality reports since 2013-14

Title Filename Size
Quality Report 2020-21 Quality_Report_2020-21.pdf 2,466.91 KB
Quality Report 2019-20 DHCFT_Quality_Report_2019_20_Final.pdf 2,265.10 KB
Quality report 2018-19 quality-report-derbyshire-healthcare-2018-19.pdf 3,362.67 KB
Quality report 2017-18 quality-report-derbyshire-healthcare-2017-18.pdf 1,925.66 KB
Quality report 2016-17 quality-report-derbyshire-healthcare-2016-17.pdf 3,970.94 KB
Quality report 2015-16 quality-report-derbyshire-healthcare-2015-16.pdf 5,677.02 KB
Quality report 2014-15 quality-report-derbyshire-healthcare-2014-15.pdf 2,603.38 KB
Quality report 2013-14 quality-report-derbyshire-healthcare-2013-14.pdf 6,064.44 KB