Landscape with calm riverThe Spirituality & Wellbeing Service is available to all patients, relatives and staff, whatever your faith or beliefs and even if you do not practice a religion.

There may be times when you feel the need to talk to someone - Chaplains have time to listen to your concerns and take what you say seriously.

Chaplains have links with many faith communities and can get an appropriate representative to cater for your needs. They respond to referrals throughout the Trust and within the community and also provide an on-call service in emergencies.

Our spirituality is an integral part of our identity, and therefore is individual to us. It is developed throughout our lives, and is built upon our beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours. Therefore each person will experience spirituality in their own way.


Spirituality & Wellbeing Service leaflet


Spirituality & Wellbeing Service
Ashbourne Centre
Kingsway Site
DE22 3LZ

Telephone: 01332 623700 ext 33358

Mobile/SMS: 07584 888656